The Gargunnock Inn

Run by two brothers, Paul and Matthew Bedwell, you will always find a friendly face when you step through the front door.  We both have a wide range of experience, and have a passion to make The Gargunnock Inn one of the best places to eat out in Stirlingshire, and even Scotland.From the 17th century front and private dining rooms, to the wood burning stove in the main bar area, there is always a cosy and welcoming spot to rest.  Whether a regular or a passing tourist you will always be welcomed like an old friend.  


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The Gargunnock Inn is worth a trip to the village for its fantastic food alone.




I was worried. The last time the Moll took me on a mystery tour, it was forSunday lunch at her mothers', and the only mystery was the unidentified slabof meat on my plate. I needn't have worried, though, as 30 minutes later, wehad parked up outside a country pub in the village of Gargunnock, a few milesnorth of Fintry. We'd certainly strayed from the narrow path, but the country air had worked its magic on my appetite. The Gargunnock Inn is the dictionary definition of a country pub - hundreds of years old, low ceilings and a welcome as warm as you'll find anywhere in Scotland.While a few locals congregated around the small bar, we strode through to the larger annexe where lunch was being served. At the centre of the woodpanelled room is a large bar and a open hatch through to the busy kitchen. We were welcomed like old friends by, I presume, the owner and settled down to peruse the menu. As well as a mouth-watering selection of steaks, sandwiches and pub lunch staples, there was also an attractive specials board.All of which made choosing an awkward task. Eventually, the Moll opted for breaded mushrooms stuffed with chilli cream cheese and served with a barbecue mayonnaise dip. The generous portion met the Moll's approval and the unusual stuffing and dip elevated what can often be a very ordinary dish to a first-class starter. Meanwhile  I was busy tucking into my king prawn tempura with salad and a chilli dipping sauce.  Again, it was closer to restaurant standard and the deliciously juicy prawns were coated in an uber- crisp coating with a sweet dipping sauce. It almost made me wish I'd been a little more adventurous when ordering the main course. For the second time that day, I worried unnecessarily, as my fish and chips were among the best I've ever tasted. An enormous slab of pearly white, fresh haddock was coated in the crispiest batter with moreish mushy peas, chips and tartare sauce. A simple dish promoted to mount-watering perfection.The Moll was equally effusive about her ginger, soy and chilli lamb kebab, chosen from the list of daily specials. Ultra tender chunks of marinated lamb skewered with roast vegetables and served with a light and refreshing salad.The portions in the Gargunnock Inn are such that a third course was out of the question - it would take a serious appetite to manage all three. It's almost an insult to call this pub food as it bears no resemblance to almost anything you'd get in a run-of- the-mill boozer. It's definitely worth a magical mystery tour into the country to find it - as long as there's no singing, of course.






As part of the experiment that I mentioned in the Isn’t Google Wonderful article I thought I’d recommend a few Stirling eating places and restaurants in Stirling and the surrounding area and I’m starting with the Gargunnock Inn, which is, as the name of the Inn would suggest, is based in Gargunnock, a few miles outside Stirling.The Gargunnock Inn is in the main street of the town and to be honest, from the outside, the restaurant looks nothing special as it looks like a terraced pub. However, don’t let looks fool you - once inside the Inn, it’s like a tardis, as it opens up into a large, well designed bar and restaurant, with different rooms and bars appearing as you walk through the premises.We discovered it one Sunday lunchtime, when we were out doing a photographic shoot of the Scottish countryside and we couldn’t be bothered heading back to find a place to eat in Stirling. There was a great atmosphere as we walked into the inn and every table was full at 2pm on a Sunday! As Gargunnock is a tiny village - or burgh, to give it it’s proper title - we couldn’t believe that there were so many locals having Sunday lunch out and there weren’t. As we chatted to the other diners, we discovered that there were people that travelled to Gargunnock from as far afield as Glasgow and Perth had travelled specially to enjoy a meal at the inn and when we had our lunch, we could see why.The pub’s menu featured good fresh produce, with a twist; and the food tasted as good as it sounded. The chef is a master of the art of taking regular fayre and making it special. His Balmoral Chicken - Chicken stuffed with haggis and served with creamy malt whisky sauce, is to die for and I’ve never had a better Aberdeen Angus steak anywhere in the UK - and I’ve eaten in literally hundreds of restaurants, pubs, eating places and diners throughout the country.







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